Emoji Sticker Packs for your city.

Emoji My City creates interactive city emojis, stickers, and Gif’s, so you can share what you love about where you live.

Our first city is Kansas City, MO. More cities coming soon 😀


Home. Where I live. Where I eat. Where I play. Where I learn. It’s like nowhere else in the world. Your city gives you the feels. Emoji My City are sticker packs that captures what gives you the strongest emotions about your city in whimsical stickers, GIFS and emojis.

Enjoying the barbecue of your life in Kansas City? We have a GIF for that.

Heading to the Art Institute of Chicago? Use our artsy sticker to tell your friends.

Taking your chances playing slots in Las Vegas? Send an emoji for good luck.

Where we live is part of who we are, and Emoji My City makes it a fun and integral part of your social lexicon.

Coming soon.

We are launching our first city in November 2019. Our first city will be Kansas City, MO. As we move into 2020 you can expect new keyboards and sticker packs from these amazing cities.



Our founders.


Emily Elmore / Co-founder

Owner of Single Wing Creative.

15+ years design and strategy experience.

Designed and donated the current City of Kansas City, MO open-source brand and logo.

Has a 4-year-old Corgi named Rue as her boss.


Kathy Lu / Co-founder

Engagement and Partnerships Editor at The Kansas City Star.

20+ years at daily newspaper as writer and editor.

Developed the idea of Emoji My City.

Loves helping people tell stories, anything vintage, spicy bowls of ramen, and cats.


Kansas City / November 2019