What is Emoji My City?

Emojis are increasingly becoming more representative of the world around us, mini symbols of the people and things in our everyday lives. We are working to make emojis reflective of the places we live, as well.

Emoji My City is a mobile keyboard add-on that allows you to embellish messages with emojis and gifs mimicking local landmarks and will be launching a custom free download keyboard for the City of Las Vegas, NV in April 2017.

Why do we want to partner with local artists?

We are artists, designers, and civic nerds that strongly believe in creating community engagement tools that can help cities thrive. We strongly believe that the arts are essential to the health and vitality of neighborhoods, cities, states, and our nation. 

Celebrating the local arts is a way to build a powerful presence and fully engage with the vibrant Las Vegas community. By partnering with local artists we are able to offer exposer to the artist on a global level and also create an authentic community interactive asset.


How does this benefit the artist?

Each artist selected to be part of the emoji keyboard will have their artwork on the 2017-2018 Las Vegas emoji keyboard.  Each artist will be showcased at the launch event and via our national press launch with CBS media. Each artist will also be given a bio page on the website showcasing their artwork and information.

Our keyboard is guaranteed to be viewed + downloaded over 100 million times which will also offer global exposer for the artists collaborating on the emoji keyboard.

We also will extend the option for each artist to participate in the merchandise line (stickers, t-shirts, etc.) - 100% profits will go directly to the artists.



We are looking for 6 local Las Vegas artists to each create one icon of something that you love or find to be iconic in Las Vegas. This iconic will be placed on the 2017-2018 Las Vegas Emoji Keyboard and shared all over the world via text messaging apps.

This image will need to be a simple line drawing (color is optional) that can be easily transferable to digital media - emojis are small so try to keep phone displays in mind when thinking up ideas. We will except high-res scanned images, illustrator or psd files.

Please fill out the submission form at the bottom of this page with the information requested by February 13, 2017. We will then contact each artist chosen with specific guidelines (i.e size of art submission and letters of engagement).

Final content will be due by March 17th.  


Submission Form

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