Emoji My City

A mobile app to help you connect, communicate and share with your city - emoji style  
Between the historic landmarks, award-winning restaurants, fabulous live music, and the 2016 World Series champion Royals, we don’t think there is any better place in the world than Kansas City. A city this special deserves to be honored in a unique way; that is where Emoji My City comes in. Simply put, Emoji My City is a keyboard that captures your strongest emotions about your city in whimsical and mod stickers, GIFs and emojis. 
Emoji keyboards/ sticker apps are one of the most popular alternative keyboard apps for iOS and Android platforms. Emoji My City offers a way to reach your audience with one of the most effective, engaging and exciting platforms today.

Key Products
Audience Engagement: Place an emoji sticker in the Swyft partner network and watch the down-loads and shares amass. All sharing occurs in app. 160,000 downloads are guaranteed before 2017.
Customized GIF: A one to three second clip that adds awareness and excitement to your brand beyond the standard digital image. GIFs are quickly becoming the “go-to” add on for tweets, posts, and messages which help your brand stand out from the rest.
Emoji Keyboard: The branded emoji keyboard is a nice compliment to the Partner Network. We’ll place your emoji on the Kansas City-specific keyboard in the Google Play and iTunes app stores for one year. Sharing occurs in the messaging apps, as well as via text messaging, Face-book Messenger, WhatsApp and any other messaging app.
Brand Engagement: A great way to have continued connections with your consumer through stickers, emojis, and gifs deployed within messaging apps as well as social media advertising.

With flexible options we are sure to find the perfect price package to fit your company.

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•    People send an average of 96 emojis or stickers per a day which adds up to 6 billion around the world. Social media, email marketing, and mobile apps have all become commonplace for the use of emojis.
•    Millennials aren’t the only ones who use emojis. In fact, people over 65 years old are more likely than any other age group to say it is “always appropriate” to send emojis to a direct manager, peer or subordinate, according to data from a recent survey by Adobe about email habits among white-collar workers.